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The Grand Master Chang’s Taekwondo Vaughan Team has been planning and developing the Before & After School Program with anticipation of providing families in the community with a convenient way to maximize the potential of children. Our Before & After School Program will take a harmonious approach to develop the mind, body and spirit of each individual child.

Grand Master Chang’s Taekwondo Vaughan provides extended child care services for working parents before and/or after school. The unavoidable demanding and busy work life of working parents leave gaps of unsupervised activity where children may pick-up bad behaviors and habits. GMC Orangeville’s Before & After School Program is a fun-filled and affordable martial arts program which is designed to give your child’s After School care a purpose.

GMC’s Before & After School Program is NOT a daycare, but rather a real Taekwondo experience which will teach your child the life skills of respect, discipline, focus, integrity, honesty, perseverance and the invaluable self-defense skills. In addition to Taekwondo, our curriculum includes fun activities and games, such as soccer, parkour, dodgeball, team exercises and homework help.

Grand Master Chang’s Taekwondo Vaughan’s Before and After School Taekwondo classes will follow a progressive curriculum that include practical lesson plans for anti-bullying strategies and the prevalent dangers of Internet chat rooms and strangers. The curriculum is established to be easily applied to real life situations.

Our focus is to instill confidence, self-esteem, respect, discipline, honesty and leadership qualities within all of our students. You will see the changes in your children with their confidence level rising, increased attention span, greater self-control for the body and mind and a “Yes, I CAN!!” attitude.

Martial arts aren’t just powerful character-builders; it is a fantastic healthy way of life. With technology and the increasing activities that keep our children glued to the screen, Taekwondo becomes a vital remedy filled with health and happiness.

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FREE UNIFORM & SHIRT: Receive a FREE complete set of BBW uniform and belt, t-shirt and personal ID Card as soon as you make the Security Deposit for our After School Program.

PICK-UP/DROP-OFF SERVICE: Optional and Daily pick-up services after school to Grand Master Chang’s Taekwondo  by licensed GMC drivers. All GMC Taxis are equipped with booster seats, if necessary, and emergency first aid kits.

MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES: Our evening martial arts program allow Beginner, Intermediate and Advance students to train in our HIGH-ENERGY Taekwondo classes by certified Black Belt Instructors.

Tiny Tiger: Ages 3-5
Children: Ages 6-12
Family: Ages 6+

ACTIVITIES: Sport and Fun & Game activities before our martial arts classes include: soccer, dodgeball, parkour training, bouncy castles, crafting, reading and more!

HOMEWORK SUPERVISION: Time is given after class for students to focus on their homework and school assignments prior to pick-up.

P.A. DAY: 8:30 AM Early Drop-Off to 6:00 PM Late Pick-Up is offered on PA Days. We offer earlier or later supervision before and after the designated time zone for $1/minute.

LATE PICK-UP: 6:00 PM Late Pick-Up is offered for the convenience of parents who are running behind due to work. $1/minute penalty will be charged for any pick-ups after the Late Pick-Up time (6:00 PM).

• Pierre Burton Public School
• Pine Grove Public School
• Woodbridge Public School
• St. Andre Bessette Catholic Elementary
• St. Peter Catholic Elementary
• Fossil Hill Public School
• St. Emily Catholic Elementary

*For Program Pricing, Please Contact Your Location

*All prices are subject to HST.

*10% discount for 2nd and 3rd or more children registered in an immediate family.

PAYMENT TERM: $300 down payment on registration and security deposit.

For more information about our popular childcare service, please give us a call at 905-605-7211.